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Help us celebrate our 40th anniversary with a chance to win £1,000
This year the ITF Seafarers’ Trust (ITFST) turns forty. Over the past four decades we have invested over 250 million dollars on projects to improve seafarers’ welfare. We have funded centres in ports around the world, vehicles to transport seafarers ashore, innovations to improve health and safety on board, counselling programmes and support lines and many more initiatives to improve the welfare and wellbeing of seafarers. Last year brought the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with it, the crew change crisis. We realise that this year, as the crisis continues, we need to talk more about the undervalued work of seafarers and to share the stories of those that transport essential food, fuel, medical supplies and consumer goods around the world.  

OUT OF SIGHT, NOT OUT OF MIND: 40 portraits of seafarers by seafarers
Seafarers are often described as the lifeblood of the maritime industry but it often seems that out of sight is out of mind. Last year you submitted nearly 3,000 images to our
STILL AT SEA photography competition. We were amazed by the quality of the images and fascinated to see and share this insight into your lives during the pandemic. We are still using those images to raise the profile of the seafaring profession in the media and beyond. Now we are launching a new seafarer photography competition. We plan to create a special book of 40 portraits and stories of seafarers by seafarers, to continue telling your stories. Forming part of a global campaign, the limited edition book will be presented to a select list of people whose influence can have an impact on the living and working conditions of seafarers to make sure that although out of sight, seafarers are not out of mind.

---------------------Thank you for your interest in the Out of sight, not out of mind seafarers' photography competition. The closing date for submissions has now passed, we announced the winner on the Day of the Seafarer, 25 June 2021.